Quantum Sap Strip 300g

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A biodegradable, non toxic timber cleaner for removing tannins and extractives.


A timber cleaner for removing tannins and extractives for new and all unpainted timber.
 Remove tannins and extractives.
 Remove mill glaze to allow penetration of the coating.
 Don’t have to wait for the timber to weather before applying coatings.
Typical Applications
All timbers under 12 months old where full weathering hasn’t yet occurred.
 300g container will clean approximately 25-30m2 of decking and 50m2 of vertical surfaces.
Application Method
By hose, brush or roller.
Good preparation is key to a professional looking, long lasting finish:
 Decking
1. Dissolve 300g in 5 litres of hot water.
2. Apply with a brush or garden spray.
3. Agitate with a stiff broom or brush to bring to the surface tannins and extractives.
4. Leave on for 15-30 minutes.
5. Wash off with a strong jet of water (preferably a power wash) to rid the surface of any residual
cleaner and tannins brought to the surface.
 Vertical surfaces
1. Dissolve 300g in 10 litres of hot water.
2. Apply as above.

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