Siegel Proof Pro25 15L

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SiegelProof PRO25 is a premium waterborne undertile and wet area class III waterproofing
membrane. It is formulated to maintain high flexibility and to withstand structural movement


Product Advantages
 SiegelProof PRO25 is a high performance SBR waterborne elastomeric membrane.
 SiegelProof PRO25 has exceptional movement capacity and remains permanent flexibility.
 SiegelProof PRO25 has excellent adhesion onto a wide variety of substrates.
 SiegelProof PRO25 has a fast cure and recoat time increasing completion speed.
 SiegelProof PRO25 is low VOC and meets the requirements of Green Star.
 SiegelProof PRO25 can be used onto all cement-based products conforming to AS2358
 SiegelProof PRO25 complies with AS4858 Wet Area Membranes Class III.

Technical Date
Product Type Waterborne SBR Membrane One Component
Recommended Coats 2 Coats
Recoat Time 1 hour
Tack Free Time 1-2 hours
Dry Film 3 hours
Coverage Per Coat 2m2 / L
Wet Film (per coat) 500 microns
Tile / Overcoat 4 hours
Colour Grey
Clean Up Water
Shelf Life 12 months
Application Hand Applied

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