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Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD is a water-based 2 component top coat designed for use in public areas subject to very high levels of traffic.  Traffic HD offers fantastic scratch, scuff and chemical resistance combined with a significantly higher wear resistance compared to the already high standards of Bona Traffic.  Add to this a 40% lowering of the solvent content and early development of all of the performance factors which means that after 24 hours Traffic HD is already able to be put back into full use.

Bona Traffic HD should be used together with Bona Prime Intense, Classic or White.

Available as Satin and Extra Matt.


Bona Traffic HD is a 2-component water-based topcoat for surface treatment of
timber floors in public areas with high traffic intensity. Using new advanced
polymer technology, Bona Traffic HD has been developed to give
uncompromising resistance to scratches, scuff marks and chemicals whilst being
sustainable with regard to the environment. The product has a very low odour
and has received DIBt approval for its low indoor emissions. It provides a clear,
non-yellowing formula which enhances the natural beauty of a timber floor.
 High durability and extreme scratch resistance.
 Extremely quick hardness development. Possible to take the floor into full
use already the following day.
 Very low odour.
 Low solvent content (VOC), <5%.
 DIBt approved for low indoor emissions
 Suitable for overcoating pre-finished floors.

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