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Tinted Hard Wax Oil has the same features and qualities as Fiddes Hard Wax Oil and comes in stylish pre-tinted colors. The wide colour range is designed to compliment any home or lifestyle.

The range has been formulated over the years in consultation with interior designers and architects and is revised on a regular basis to ensure the colours are in line with market trends. Application methods can vary the depth of colour achieved. All colours can be mixed together or mixed with the clear Hard Wax Oil to dilute the strength of the tint, offering a unique opportunity to create your own customised colour and eliminating the need to stain. The Fiddes team are available to assist in colour matching or mixing.


A blend of natural oils and waxes offering exceptional durability and resistance
for internal timber surfaces including floors, bench tops, furniture and areas
subjected to a high degree of wear.
Produces a quick drying natural matt, silk or satin water repellent, tread-fast finish that will
not peel or flake. Hard wax oil is easy to maintain and as a natural replenishable product it
is easy to rejuvenate timber when required.
Suitable for application onto children’s toys – EN 71 – Toy Safety Test
Resistant to liquids: Tested in accordance with BS 3900 G5
Resistant to wear: Tested in accordance with BS 3900 EI5
Slip Resistant rating of R12
Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from previous finish. Sand the substrate with a
fine 120-150 grade sanding paper removing all traces of dust.
Ensure all areas to be coated are extremely well ventilated during and after application.
Always test on a small area prior to initial application. Stir contents thoroughly before and
during use. No primer required. Maximum 2 coats recommended.
First Coat – For floors use a brush or painters pad to cut into the edges first. Apply THINLY
using a brush or short nap/gloss roller and lay evenly following the direction of the grain.
Leave to dry for 4-6 hours in ventilated conditions and if possible good airflow.
Second Coat – Check to feel that the first coat feels smooth (this will depend on the type of
timber). If the timber feels furry, de-nib the surface by rubbing the coating LIGHTLY with a
fine sand paper on an applicator, maroon pad or 220 grit screen. Vacuum and apply as first
coat. Leave to dry in well ventilated conditions or preferably overnight. The coating has
reached is maximum curing after 7 days.
Maintenance- We recommend a Fiddes Floor Reviver Kit to maintain your floor finish. Do
not under any circumstance use bleach, ammonia or caustic based cleaners to clean your
floor. We recommend using Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner for regular cleaning requirements

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