Siegel Proof PRO 2K 20L Kit. Epoxy Moisture Barrier

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High Performance
Epoxy Moisture Barrier

SiegelProof 2K is a high-performance two-component epoxy sealer and moisture barrier. This
formula provides high adhesion and long-term film strength to protect against rising damp, abrasion
and both positive and negative water pressure.


Product Advantages
 SiegelProof 2K is a high-performance water-based 1:1 epoxy system.
 SiegelProof 2K is a tough, impervious barrier with high chemical, oil and solvent resistance.
 SiegelProof 2K has very high adhesion to both damp and dry subfloor surfaces.
 SiegelProof 2K is non-toxic, non-flammable and easy cleanup.
 SiegelProof 2K is highly waterproof for both positive and negative side pressures.
 SiegelProof 2K is easy to apply by brush, roller and spray application.
 SiegelProof 2K is a low sheen / semi-gloss finish.

SiegelProof 2K is a hand or spray-applied barrier for use on basements, tunnels, foundations,
retaining walls, planter boxes, concrete floors, food processing areas, under timber floors, and for
water retention structures.
Suitable Substrates
SiegelProof 2K is suitable for use onto concrete, cement render, brick and block work, cement sheet,
plater, particle board, metal and most common building materials.

Technical Date
Product Type Waterbased Epoxy Two Component
Recommended Coats 2 Coats
Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Coverage 5-7m2 / L
Wet Film 150 -200 microns
Recoat 4 – 6 hours
Light Foot Traffic 2-3 days
Full Cure 7 days
Colour Light Grey
Shelf Life 9 months
Kit Size 20L & 8L
Application Hand Applied or Spray Applied

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